Top 5 Winter Car Cleaning Tips

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Let me guess, someone’s put a postage stamp sized chamois or a sandpaper yellow sponge in your stocking? Well fear not, the detailer in you can escape right here with Minutia Detailing’s Top 5 Winter Cleaning Tips.

1 – Replace/Cover existing floor mats.

Salt and general dirt also finds it’s way into the interior via shoes, staining the mats and carpets. Buying a rubber over mat or replacing them during winter is a great shout. You can get OE replacements or just grab some generic ones. While custom made examples can be found on eBay.

2 – Drive slower.

Accelerating hard or driving enthusiastically on salted roads will result in all the grit flicking into all the nooks and crannies. Try cruising through heavily salted areas and avoid those dam gritting lorries!

3 – Wash regularly.

Washing your car regularly and jetting inside the wheels and arches is the best way to combat salt. Ideally a properly detailed and protected car will have sealed alloys and wheel nuts etc. but we appreciate not everyone may have invested in this. So, either way, for a quick fix Mike from Minutia recommends soaking the car with snowfoam, rinsing thoroughly, a two bucket wash method and of course rinsing again. Finally he suggests using a product called Carpro Hydro 02, dilute with water, spray all over and then rinse again. You will see incredible water beading and this will give you a months protection all over without spending hours waxing, a good tip is to spray the arches too. Finally don’t forget to dry the car properly including door shuts and locks so they don’t freeze in cold weather.

4 – Top up your screenwash.

Not really a cleaning tip but there’s nothing worse than running out of screenwash on a long winter journey. Minutia recommends a detailing safe product, low in harsh chemicals, this adds a hydrophobic layer to your windscreen as you use it!

5 – Check for stone chips.

Stone chips are more common during Winter, this can then lead to them inviting rust as well as water under the clearcoat. Touch them in as soon as possible, Mike suggests Bilt Hamber Autowash as it’s anti-corrosive – even on bare steel, ideal for owners of older vehicles which may have stone chips or exposed areas of mild steel. This is also an advantage in modern cars where the entrapment of corrosive elements carried by some detergents in folded seams accelerates the corrosion.

That’s it, you’re all set! Bin that weak chamois and sponge and dig out your wash mitt and microfiber towel and get cracking! Merry Christmas everyone.

AuthorTim Fathers

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