REVIEW: Viper Security System

Security Smart; Viper’s got you covered.

For nearly three years I owned a beautiful 130i M Sport of which I unfortunately recently sold to acquire my dream BMW; a low mileage, Interlagos Z4 M Coupé. Having added a multitude of tasteful modifications (lots of carbon fibre of course,) left my 1er looking incredibly unique which drew in much attention (some unwanted) wherever I went. Following the growing surge of news bulletins reporting on high end (and in particular, BMW) car theft, which included a spate of stolen BMW’s in both my local area and where I commuted to most often, I decided to invest in an after market security system for added piece of mind. 

Initial research quickly concluded there was only one company I needed to turn to; based in Bristol, Secure My Car Ltd offer a mobile fitting service at your convenience with a number of alarm packages tailored to suit your requirements. 

I opted for a full Viper system with a state of the art, long range LCD remote fob which enables me to easily view and access all commands on the display screen. For added security, I had the following sensors added; 

  • Ultra sonic interior sensors which detects motion inside the cabin.
  • Dual proximity sensors with a ‘warn away’ tone, giving anyone having that close look through your window a short beep of the siren.
  • Glass break sensor.
  • Tilt and motion sensor for alloy wheels; detecting if the car is being tilted, jacked up or towed.
  • Impact/shock sensor; detecting any impact to the car.

If any of the above zones are triggered, my remote will immediately page me indicating which sensor has been activated.

A pertinent issue with theft has been the ability for thieves to steal a vehicle without actually needing your original car key! Key cloning is being achieved simply through gaining access to your cars OBD port. Secure My Car have developed a way of immobilising the OBD when your alarm system is armed, physically cutting that vital connection to your cars main brain, not only making it nigh on impossible to clone a key but also disabling the ability to shut down the new alarm system.

As soon as I had purchased my beloved Z, I booked in having the system fitted so now I can once again leave my pride and joy with that little added extra confidence when she is out of sight.

What’s next?
In conjunction with my current Viper package, I’m going to upgrade to the SmartStart application which with an added tracker, will enable me to control and view a host of commands via my Smartphone... I shall look forward to reviewing this feature at a later date. 

I would advise anyone who cherishes their car to visit Secure My Car’s YouTube channel and have a good read through the Viper literature to see just how many features this package can offer. I wouldn’t entrust my cars with anyone else so I must extend a huge ‘thank you’ to Antony for providing a first class, knowledgeable and professional service.

Here’s to cracking down on car crime!

Author: Nina Barber
Further reading: Secure My Car Ltd

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