REVIEW: Silverstone Classic 2014

Friday 25th July saw BMW Car Club members set forth for an exciting weekend at the Silverstone Classic; aiding the Car Club with their magnificent display of models, ranging from the quirky 2002, the little wedge of fun that is the Z1, right through to the edgy E30 M3, assortment of Alpina’s and even a lone Z8! Classic’s and M’s were in abundance with the largest turn out awarded to the Z clan, seeing the repeat of ZedFest.

BMW returned with their Ferris wheel which presented a great opportunity to view the circuit and glance over at the sheer sea of other Car Club’s present… One couldn’t help but stare at the sheet of red Ferrari’s to the right of us. We were nestled nicely between Cobra and Morgan with Maserati and Lamborghini a stones throw away (oh, and not to mention Bill Shepherd and the 50th Mustang Anniversary…) The real car-corker of the weekend had to be BMW’s ‘M’ stand; a PistonHeads M4 in the most striking deep Kashmir blue metallic standing in contrast to the soft, flagship ‘duck egg’ blue of it’s fellow M3 stablemate. No expense had been spared when it came to this M4, doused with Carbon Fibre extras and boasting a rear boot-lid spoiler and full front splitter which balanced and accentuated this beast of a machines looks perfectly. I couldn’t help but open the incredibly feather weight drivers door and slip into the thickly padded and contoured drivers seat with centred illuminating ‘M’ logos for a good feel (and don’t even get me started on the Carbon and Alcantara steering wheel!) A very happy bunny I was indeed and whilst I can’t comment on the driveability, this model was seriously stylised with attention to detail a clear priority.

Sunday started with quite a chill factor but the clouds soon dissipated and we were back to enjoying a fiercely hot and piercing blue sky day surrounded by the bellows of racing rubber. We weren’t expecting the same frantic rush of vehicles for display and later assembled a Classic and M section by the wheel which drew a steady abundance of people in throughout… An almost luminous ‘fire opal’ orange, immaculate 2002 took centre stage as a main port of attraction and bless the owner who stood guard by his vehicle the entire time.

Having utterly enjoyed the experience of the Classic we are eagerly awaiting Gaydon and look forward to seeing fellow enthusiasts at the National Festival!

Author: Nina Barber – London Region Events Manager and Z Register Chair.
Photography: BMW Car Club (GB) Ltd.

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