REVIEW: Duxford Spring Car Show 2015

The Duxford Spring car show. Or in other words, the start of show season! Of course it rained but as ever that didn’t stop the hundreds of exhibiters displaying their pride and joys or the visitors from pouring in.

Sunshine soon broke allowing the dedicated to re-chamois the beading that had so therapeutically formed.

As promised there was a solid mix of classic and contemporary cars ranging from the early MG’s to a rather special Mercedes AMG SLS (yes I did just say that). We also caught up with the proud owner of an awesome F13 M6 who pre-registered it in January for an eye watering £103k!

Soon enough the air show, including passenger rides had started and with the car displays running parallel the perfect backdrop was formed.

The icing on the cake was Elms BMW sponsoring the BMW Car Clubs efforts by bringing three of the latest models: An M4 Convertible, an M235i and star of the show, a white i8!

The BMW Enthusiasts forum had a neat line up just in front of the old commercial airliners (which were also open to the public). From our point of view the pick of their stand was a Red E36 Saloon with Black vader leather.

Pictured above is our highlights of the day, but even these struggle to capture the atmosphere and level of effort that went into each club stand and the individual exhibiters.

Thanks to everyone involved and of course Duxford IWM for hosting us. Keep your eyes out on our news page and social posts for the next one.

AuthorTim Fathers
Photography: Tim Fathers

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