M5 & M6 Competition Package

I'm not sure what your idea of an M Car is but in our opinion they should already be epic – or in this case, 'Competition Models'.

However, to contradict ourselves slightly the latest Competition Package is without a doubt an exciting addition. Finally offering not only cosmetic but the all important power upgrade.

To support this specifying the latest Competition Package on your F10 M5 or F13 M6 will make them the most powerful production BMW's ever launched, (correct at the time of publishing this post). Lowering the 0-62mph time to 4.1 seconds.

The upgrade is available on the F10 M5, F12 M6 Convertible, F13 M6 Coupe and the F06 M6 Gran Coupe and takes power up to 575bhp – an additional 15bhp. The package also adds Sport Suspension Settings, Sport Steering, a Sports Exhaust with Black Chrome Tailpipes and Exclusive 20-inch Double-Spoke M Light-Alloy Wheels.

Price? Well the F10 M5 Competition Package comes in at £6,700 which may sound like a lot but considering someone's just spent nearly £74,000 to get one on the road I'm sure there's few G's left for upgrades!

The M6 Coupe and Convertible upgrades cost £6,500 while the M6 Gran Coupe comes in at £5,500.

To conclude, given the chance yes, we'd absolutely specify the Competition Package but testament to our opening statement surely M Cars should be their best straight out of the box?

Author: Tim Fathers
Photography: Courtesy of BMW

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