EVENT REVIEW: Gaydon 2015

Talk about evolution! This years National Festival took BMW dedication to a whole new level. Movement was the key word of the day I think. The arena, drifting, funny bikes, mini tanks, tuning companies etc. all added a new dimension to an already potent mix.

The biggest gathering of BMW's in Europe once again blew us away with the diversity and modifications on show. The level of detail and creativity never fails to amaze. For example, check out the video below of the green (wrapped I think) E93 packed with ICE. The owner and co. were sitting picnic style on the grass smoking an e-bong watching the arena unfold below them. It just epitomised the diverse, festival style atmosphere as the tunes blasted out… agreed it might have subjective styling but this is something you need to embrace at Gaydon as there’s common ground to be celebrated with everyone you talk to.

Huge credit to Total M Cars for their rather impressive display. M3 CuttersBMW E39 Club UK, BMW Owners, E36 Coupe.com Custom Cars and the E30 Zone were all out in force as well with some really special examples on show. The photos above just don’t do their stands justice. BMW Enthusiasts were missed this year so fingers crossed they make a come back for the centenary celebration.

On from there it was great to see Nick Johnson the CSL specialist set up a never ending line of CSL's - some from stock but most from happy customers which he presumably sold them to.

Additional credit to the club and to Nick for bringing his drift cars along to the party as well. There were queues throughout the day for passenger rides with people literally sprinting over to join in. Videos below. And as if that wasn't enough someone even offered their CSL up for a few rounds!! Very brave man indeed and you can imagine how the crowds reacted.

As ever the concourse cars were impressive this year – my neighbours think I’m crazy but my cleaning obsession doesn’t even come close! But perhaps testament to how spoilt we are at these events somehow I still seem to take them for granted. Instead finding myself running around like a teenager taking photos of the lowest and loudest examples. With that in mind the car that caught my eye the most was a Velvet Blue 840Ci Sport sat decked on Air. I know, gold wheels but please allow me this one guilty pleasure. It looked awesome, agreed?

Quick shout out to the main event sponsors MichelinThorney Motorsport, and Kleers.

To conclude, the annual house party the BMW Car Club continues to throw never seems to tire. It continues to reach record numbers year on year and long may it continue.

Right, I’m off to download “You Know You Like It” and buy myself an e-bong! And an air kit for the 840, and a concourse E36 Evo, oh and a Silvergrey CSL. *facepalm*

AuthorTim Fathers
Photography: Darren Teagles

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