DEALER REVIEW: Specialist Cars Luton

Digital transformation. One of the latest buzz words in our aggressively changing world. Think Uber, Tesla or AirB&B. Three huge disrupters in their relevant industries. But what does this mean for our traditional and beloved brands?

Well, I’m sorry to say that they won’t all make it through. Think Blockbuster Video, Nokia and Kodak for example. The good news however, is that brands who continue to innovate like Apple, Google and of course, BMW, will continue to lead us into the future.

Despite BMW continuing to evolve their digital experiences by accommodating things like on-line car purchasing, the majority of the UK market still crave the physical dealership experience. (I don’t blame us, buying a car deserves more than just a swipe on your mobile, however cool that might sound).

There’s few better examples I can offer here than one of BMW’s latest dealerships, Specialist Cars of Luton. They have somehow managed to time outgrowing their old location just as major brands are being forced into adopting a new customer first approach.

Invited to experience the new set up by Head of Business, Manjit Ahluwalia, we were welcomed by his usual hotelier type approach. “It’s all about creating people experiences” – he says. “We don’t sit behind desktop PC’s anymore – it has to be more collaborative than that”. Case and point being the new range of sales tools such as iPads, laptops and large cinema displays. A particular wow moment was being taken through specifying a new 3 Series on their latest configurator. All while relaxing in a coffee bar style lounge via a 42” LCD.

A similar experience is found in the service and parts area, too. To Manjit’s point, no longer are staff parked behind a desktop – all is now open and conversational. As it should have been you might say…

6 months in, their state-of-the-art dealership is fully up and running. “I try to ensure we have an example of every current model on display”. From the record selling 1 Series to flexing their M Certification muscle – I think I counted 11 M Cars on site!

It goes without saying that Specialist Cars Luton have smashed the AnyM approval process and I’m looking forward to bringing you the best deals on their products and services over the coming months.

In the meantime, if you fancy checking out the latest BMW dealership in the network you'll find thier details below. The coffee wasn’t bad either.

Specialist Cars Luton
501 Dunstable Road
Tel: 01582 590 700
Click here to visit their website

AuthorTim Fathers
Photography: Graeme Franklin

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