DEALER REVIEW: Hexagon Moderns Specialist BMW Dealer Review

When we heard that Hexagon had sold their BMW main dealership to focus solely on M Cars, we simply had to find out more.

Now known as Hexagon Moderns this new specialist division of the Hexagon Group is capitalising on Hexagon’s 50 years' experience. So, nestled neatly amongst some of Bavaria’s finest you'll find chairman Paul Michaels, salesman Gary Ruberl and a team of BMW-trained technicians behind them.

The result? Around 20 examples of the finest M Cars under one Finchley roof. And their purchasing policy is clear: only iconic, highly specified, low-mileage examples with honest histories will do.

The appreciating nature of rare BMWs in concourse condition has increased exponentially in resent years meaning if you buy, cherish and sell your model carefully, some examples will deliver really strong residuals. It’s also worth bearing in mind Hexagon's experience, the time they take to source and approve stock, and their warranty cover. So in terms of actual value, the whole package becomes a tempting prospect.

Can’t find the model you fancy? Hexagon are confident they can source your dream BMW for you – just ask.

Frankly, if you’re serious about finding the best example of an iconic BMW, then a visit to Hexagon Moderns is a must. Or for now just enjoy browsing their time-capsule stock list by clicking here. Be warned though, it’s addictive!

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