CAR CLEANING: Our Top 5 Summer Tips

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With the weekend upon us and show season in full swing many of you will be trying to keep your rides looking as factory fresh as possible.

So we caught up with Minutia Detailing and grabbed their top 5 summer cleaning tips. Check um out.

1 – Avoid direct sun light.

Always wash your car in the shade, early morning, a cloudy day or an evening is ideal. The hot sun will result in water marks and also make the paint softer, making it easier to stain. Adding a water filter such as an Aqua Gleam is a good touch.

2 – Use a pre-wash.

Via your pressure washer use snow foam and a lance as your pre wash. This loosens and removes the dirt before rinsing it off and reduces the amount of dirt when making contact with your wash mitt. Thus reducing swirl marks. Consider washing the alloys while the foam is soaking.

3 – Two bucket method.

One filled with lukewarm water/suds and one with clean water. Dip a wash mitt in the shampoo bucket and wash a panel. Wash the mitt in the clean water and then re-dip in shampoo – move to the next panel. Repeat. You can take this a step further by using grit guards and washing the top half of the car first. If it’s a hot day rinse off a few panels at a time.

4 – Drying cloths.

Avoid leather chamois. You should be using a purpose built drying cloth such as a Wooly Mammoth. Air drying is also great, a detailing spray can be applied before drying to act as a drying lube. If you really want to max/geek out grab yourself a Master Blaster air dryer. But be prepared for your neighbours to think you’re a psychopath.

5 – Wheel mitts.

Have a separate bucket for the alloys and a set of wheel mitts/tools. Minutia highly recommended Wheel Woolies which have no metal parts.

That’s it, you’re all set. Now go and enjoy the weekend!

AuthorTim Fathers

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