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So the stage is set and this is my moment to say something legendary about my baby.

Truth is, I'm simply a rather geeky fanatic. And when you're fanatical about something you become single minded about achieving your goal, no matter what.

How did it start? Probably because I wanted to own all the BMW's you see on our pages today – and still do. So I guess that makes this my virtual car collection.

My objective? To make AnyM the central repository for all things BMW's. Whatever else happens along the way is a bonus.

Want to get involved or just fancy a coffee? Email me on or call 07778 209 057.

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BMW 5 Series M5 Super Saloon (2002)

£19,995 120,160 miles

BMW E12 5 Series 528i 1 previous owner and only 35503 miles from new!!! (1981)

£19,995 33,503 miles

Genuine BMW staggered 18” MV2 wheels very nice condition (2003)

£500 150,000 miles