5 REASONS: To buy an E46 M3

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Summer is still here, just. So what else do you need to enjoy the warm evenings? An E46 M3 of course. Here's a quick spin around the block to give you 5 reasons to buy one.

1 – That motor.

The S54B32. The M-Division's take on the brilliant M54. Increased capacity to 3.2 litres, individual throttle bodies and lairy cams to give you an 8 grand red line and 343 horsepower. Tickle it about and you might even nudge 30 mpg. Need I say any more?

2 – The Styling.

The division really did up their game with this model. The massively ballooned wheel arches, wing vents and that awesome power bulge all add up to a modern muscle car. The colours offered compliment the bodywork entirely, with favourites being Carbon Swartz and Pheonix Gold. Personally I think Laguna Seca Blue is the daddy – if you can find one.

3 – The Price.

It's been a couple of years since the '46 M3 bottomed out in the market, but with good examples bearing service history still around the £10k mark, and a minty one for £13-15k, they're still extremely great value. Crucially, if you keep the condition up, the value will remain short term and likely increase mid to long.

4 – The Awesome Exhaust.

Before this M3, four tail pipes had been solely reserved for red Italian cars. (Bar the Z3M) The chaps in Munich decided to add not only two more tail pipes than the E36 model, but give the car a raspy-six noise harking back to the Group 5 touring cars, it's so addictive.

5 – The Whole Package.

The most appealing reason for choosing the E46 M3, for me, has to be it's ability to be all things, to all people. Keep it below 4,000 rpm and you'd never know of it's power. Press the brake pedal regularly and it would never tell of the two piece, drilled discs in all four corners. The boot and cabin space are identical to every other E46 Coupe – it'll swallow the golf clubs, the shopping and four adults with ease. Remove the aforementioned pay load, fill it up with 99RON and you've got a car that will take a relentless beating at a track day, before the stereo soothes you on the journey home.

There’s only a few good ones in our classifieds, perhaps testament to the current market place. So get out there and buy one before all the minters get locked up or thrashed.

AuthorTommy Machin – Serial Enthusiast.

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